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Smart bidding
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Why Bidup?

Bidding in online buy- and sell platforms can be confusing. Bidup allows you to gather all serious bids into one single auction while having your listing on as many platforms as you want.


See how it works down below!

How to create your bidding

Start your bidding

Register and create your auction for free with a few simple clicks. Now you’re already halfway done, way to go!

Spread the message

Share your bidding link on social media, in buy and sell groups and auctions. All platforms connected through your bidding link.

Follow the money

Lean back and keep track of your bids in real time. Easy, structured and all in one place.  Create your bidding and see for yourself!

How to place a bid

Place your bid

Simply click the Bidup link in the listing to place your bid. No fuzz!

Excitment & anticipation

Follow along the thrilling journey toward winning your bidding. You’ll get notified if someone outbids you.

Make or break

Are you the lucky winner?
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